Where might God be calling you?

God often puts places and people on our hearts to help us in our discernment. Our family legacy, the language we studied in high school, a vacation or short term missions trip, the place we studied abroad, or even something we have cherished for years can be doors to a ministry location that God has prepared us for.

Opportunities Worldwide

InterVarsity Link is currently seeking to fill over 200 ministry opportunities in 90 countries. Depending on your experience and gifts, one of these could be a place for you to engage in significant ministry. Click below to see if some match the ministry and location you feel God is calling you to. Because InterVarsity works in partnership with local ministries around the world, we cannot guarantee we can send you to your first choice. We will work with you to find the best fit within the region of the world that interests you.


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Two years turned into eleven

I quickly fell in love with Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people. My original plan was to come for two or three years. Those two years have now turned into eleven years. It is such a joy to serve here.

Helped me narrow my choices

There was no question that I was called into full time ministry in France. He led me to the exact place where I couldn't say 'No'. Honestly my particular calling to France allowed me to focus on one place. There are so many options of where I could be so I was thankful that God narrowed down my choices.