Make a significant impact

InterVarsity Link staff engage university students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ on college campuses around the world. They gather students together to explore the impact of the Gospel on their lives, their careers, their relationships, and their choices. They lead students into worship and prayer. They encourage the students' spiritual growth through faithfully engaging the university and their friends. In doing these things in partnership with local believers, InterVarsity Link staff participate in God's global change.

Due to the need for significant language learning and cultural adaptation, Link staff must make an initial commitment of 2 years.  Most Link staff serve beyond that, but it is not necessary.  Serving with Link can be preparation for something else, the doorway to a life of ministry, or an opportunity to share your gifts and expertise after years of doing something else.

Preparing leaders of integrity

Today's students are tomorrow's world leaders. Yet universities - although they are centers of thought, leadership and innovation - on the whole fail to engage with foundational Christian truths. As a result, students are being sent into the world unprepared to be the leaders of integrity that the world so desperately needs.

InterVarsity Link staff partner with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students - IFES - to enter the university and reach students at this crucial time when they are open to new ideas and are being formed by prevailing philosophies and theories. Our desire is to see students built into communities of disciples, transformed by the gospel, and impacting the university, the church and society for the glory of Christ. In some countries, IFES also works with high school students and in tertiary institutions such as technical schools.

Currently, there is an IFES presence in 168 countries around the world.

Read more about IFES here.

A significant impact

I get to participate in God’s global mission in a place of the world where little is being done and where there are few resources. This is what originally got me excited about coming here. There are fewer staff workers here than in the university where I studied. I find it a great privilege and very significant that I get to participate in this ministry among students who have very few opportunities to meet followers of Jesus or hear the good news.

See a difference in you

If you are considering Link staff out of a desire to make a difference, please note that the difference that you see may be in your own life. You will be forced to change to adapt to a new environment, culture, staff team. You might need to learn a new language, create a new community, spend twice as long doing simple things as before. Just remember, God is far more concerned about who we are than what we do for him!

Invest Deeply

Work among students keeps you fresh in your thinking and it also gives you an opportunity to invest in the next generation of parents, teachers, doctors, diplomats, engineers, nurses, etc.