Bringing students together in Christ

How has God gifted and prepared you?  What experiences as a student in a campus fellowship resonated with you and gave you a sense of God working through you? What encounters with people of other countries filled you with awe and wonder? Is God calling you into this kind of ministry?

InterVarsity Link's goal is to present the Gospel to university students in a relevant way: to gather students into groups to explore the Scriptures, to pray and worship together, to understand and apply the message of the Gospel to thier lives and context, and support them as ambassadors of their faith to reach their classmates.  We do all of this in the context of another culture, often in another language, and always in partnership with local believers who invite us in and lead us along the way.

Working in Partnership with the IFES

We accomplish this by working in partnership with local student ministries - members of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). We serve under local leadership, striving the meet local goals, and using local ministry methods. Most of this happens in the local language as well. Link staff are learners and servants.

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I was called to a role

I didn't have a call to a place. I was called to a role. I ended up in these countries because that's where people wanted me to be. It's been severely humbling and I thank God for His strengthening of my faith and understanding of His grace.

Seeing students grow

I love being involved in discipleship and seeing students grow in their relationship with the Lord and to grow and develop as leaders!  To see students open God's word and really study it - not just wait for a sermon on it - has been incredibly rewarding to me.

Discovering Jesus

Two years ago in the university city where I serve, I began a Bible study for postgraduate students who were investigating Christian faith.  Two Asian students came to faith through it and are now growing as disciples and another is moving closer to the Kingdom!