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Engage college students with Jesus Christ by serving globally under local leadership, to meet local needs, using local means.

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We are InterVarsity Link

InterVarsity Link is a ministry sharing Jesus on colleges around the world.

Partner Locally
We follow the local leaders to partner in their culture, language, and ministry.

Advancing Ministry
We advance local ministry using local means.

Study Scripture
We encourage students to make lasting impacts in their lives according to scripture.

We become a community that prays and worships together.

Find the opportunity that aligns with your passion and gifts.

200+ opportunities in 90 countries  

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Our Process
Discern where God is calling you. 

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Talk with a Link Mentor and discover which global opportunity is right for you. Continue the discernment process by completing the preliminary application, attending one of our discernment webinars, and praying with your community.

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Learn how to raise support and serve in your new ministry context.  

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Support raising conversations begin during the application process. We guide you through the steps, set you up with extensive training, and provide access to a personal support raising coach. Raising support can take anywhere from a few months to a year, but we walk with you to individualize each step of the way.

You will also have a Link Staff Coordinator who works with you from the application process through your entire placement. Your coordinator helps with ministry training, administrative support, and spiritual formation.

Join your local team to start partnering with local staff and students.  

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You’ll move to your new location and dive in with language learning, getting to know your new city, and starting to understand your new ministry context. You’ll finally begin working with staff and students, together sharing the message of Jesus Christ.

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To enter a culture that is totally foreign brings the practice of “childlike faith” to a whole different level. I am learning how to see, trust, and follow the Holy Spirit in new, deeper ways.

Michael Harwood

Ministry Builder in Colombia • 2018

Do life with the students in their nation.
Diane’s Discernment Journey
Watch how Diane decided to love the world with InterVarsity Link.

Next Steps

Discernment Webinar!
This is a quarterly webinar - check registration page for dates.
Don't miss this opportunity to discern in community and pray about God's call on your life. Register Today!


Link's Virtual Mentoring Program
This is a free ongoing program. New groups start every month and you can sign up at any time! Go Global is a 5 month mentoring program designed for you to explore and discern God's purposes for you in His beautiful world.


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Am I eligible to apply for InterVarsity Link?

You must have a bachelor's degree (except for our apprenticeship program) and be eligible to work in the United States. You must be willing and able to raise the finances necessary for your global placement.

How long will I be in my placement?

Due to the need for significant language learning and cultural adaptation, Link staff must make an initial commitment of 2 years. Most Link staff serve beyond that, but it is not required. Serving with Link can be preparation for your next calling, the doorway to a life of full-time ministry, or an opportunity to share your gifts and expertise after years of serving somewhere else.

Do I need to learn a language?

Most likely, yes. While there are some opportunities in English, most of our openings require you to learn the local language. You don’t have to be fluent before you go. You will receive support to learn the language once you arrive.

Do I need to raise financial support?

Yes, all our staff raise financial support. The amount of financial support will depend on placement, family situation, and other factors related to your specific location.

We encourage staff to develop a team of partners, which includes financial donors, prayer partners, and those who will advocate for your ministry.

We’ll help you with each part of your support raising journey. You will receive extensive training and have access to a personal support-raising coach as well as a community of staff who are on a similar journey. You will not be alone in this.

Does InterVarsity Link provide benefits for their employees?

Yes! InterVarsity Link has a full benefits package for employees working 30+ hours that includes health insurance, dental coverage, vision, retirement savings plan, vacation and sick leave, a fellowship fund, and even adoption assistance. You will receive pre-departure planning support to identify any specific needs you have and obtain access to a global network for the care that you need.

There is also a smaller benefits package for employees working under 30 hours.

Will I get training before I go?

Yes! We work with you and local leaders to prepare you for your new ministry context. At Link Orientation, we cover a range of topics to prepare you for living and working in another country. There may be aspects of cross-cultural ministry that you will only learn once you arrive at your specific placement.

The same Link Staff Coordinator you worked with during the application process will walk with you throughout your Link staff experience. Our Link Staff Coordinators have years of cross-cultural ministry experience. You'll also have a local supervisor to guide you through day-to-day life in your new ministry context. We value this extensive training and supervision to ensure your flourishing as a staff which will allow you to serve in a way that truly benefits the local staff and students.

Discover God’s Beautiful World.
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